In 2014 friends asked me to photograph their wedding. I was like, ‘euhm what?’.

After pacing around in the living room for a couple of days I said yes, borrowed a better camera than the one I owned and shot the wedding. It was an awesome experience so I decided to be part of these exciting days full of family and friends more often in the future. Now a couple of years later it became my full time ‘job’.

I’m an introvert person that really enjoys seeing people genuine happy. It’s difficult not to smile when everyone else is smiling! But I’m also always glad to have my camera in front of my face during emotional ceremonies, trusting the autofocus for 100%.

On your wedding day I will be present for you to capture all the genuine moments, guide you when needed, share the tention in the air before something is about to happen and even help you solving problems like buttoning down the last (and apparently very difficult) button on your wedding dress when your mom or friend is too nervous. At the same time I will be invisible for a lot of other people, so I don’t disturb and distract them from the wedding events. You should have all the attention.

As a photographer I want to capture the moments on a spontaneous & authentic way, constantly searching for connections & intimate moments between people, so that these moments never fade.

I’m happily married with the love of my life, our awesome son joined our lives since 2020 and we have a silly dog named Herman. I love being surrounded with friends and share delicious food and drinks, my daily walks in nature and riding my old motorcycle from point A to point A without another destination.

Little fact:

Accidentally shot 90% of my first wedding with a full manual focus lens. I used to film a lot with this lens for work so I didn’t think about the fact an autofocusing lens might be handy for a wedding day.